lie1 [lī]
lay, lain, lying [ME lien < 2d & 3d pers. sing. of earlier liggen < OE licgan, to lie, akin to Ger liegen < IE base * legh-, to lie, lay oneself down > L lectus & Gr lēchos, bed, lōchos, lair]
1. to be or put oneself in a reclining position along a relatively horizontal surface: often with down
2. to be in a more or less horizontal position on some supporting surface: said of inanimate things
3. to be or remain in a specified condition [motives that lie hidden]
4. to be situated [Canada lies to the north]
5. to extend; stretch [the road that lies before us]
6. to be; exist; be found [the love that lies in her eyes]
7. to be buried or entombed
8. Archaic to stay overnight or for a short while; lodge
9. Archaic to have sexual intercourse ( with)
10. Law to be maintainable or admissible [an action that will not lie]
Golf to have, on the hole being played, a score of [after her approach shot, she lies three on the ninth hole]
1. the way in which something is situated or arranged; lay
2. an animal's lair or resting place
3. Brit. a period of resting
4. Golf the relative situation of a ball with reference to the advantage it offers the player [a good lie]
☆ lie down on the job
Informal to put forth less than one's best efforts
lie in
to be in confinement for childbirth
lie off
Naut. to stay at a distance from shore or another ship
☆ lie over
to stay and wait until some future time
lie to
Naut. to lie more or less stationary with the bow to the wind
take lying down
to submit to (punishment, a wrong, etc.) without protest
lie2 [lī]
lied, lying [ME lien < OE leogan, akin to Ger lügen (Goth liugan) < IE base * leugh-, to tell lies > Lith lūgoti, to ask]
a) to make a statement that one knows is false, esp. with intent to deceive
b) to make such statements habitually
2. to give a false impression; deceive one [statistics can lie]
to bring, put, accomplish, etc. by lying [to lie oneself into office]
1. a false statement or action, esp. one made with intent to deceive
2. anything that gives or is meant to give a false impression
3. the charge of lying
give the lie to
1. to charge with telling a lie
2. to prove to be false; belie
lie in one's throat or lie in one's teeth or lie in or through one's teeth
to tell a foul or outrageous lie
SYN.- LIE2 is the simple direct word meaning to make a deliberately false statement; PREVARICATE strictly means to quibble or confuse the issue in order to evade the truth, but it is loosely used as a formal or affected substitute for LIE2; EQUIVOCATE implies the deliberate use of ambiguity in order to deceive or mislead; FABRICATE suggests the invention of a false story, excuse, etc. intended to deceive and is, hence, sometimes used as a somewhat softer equivalent for LIE2; FIB implies the telling of a falsehood about something unimportant and is sometimes a euphemism for LIE2

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